Lancaster Legal fees

Here at Lancaster Legal, we understand the hard truths of the business world – we know that you would rather be spending your hard-earned cash on things other than legal fees.

Unfortunately not everyone else is interested in playing nice or by the rules and this often ends up costing you money that you did not budget for. Our first approach is always to look at cost-effective, preventative measures that will mitigate the risk of the worst-case scenario eventuating – in our experience, this approach is far more cost-effective than waiting for something to happen.

We offer flexible billing structures to provide you with the best value possible. As a boutique innovation and technology law firm for Geelong and Melbourne, we concentrate on building relationships with our clients – not billing them to meet billing targets!

Our trademark lawyers, research and development lawyers, data protection and intellectual property lawyers can provide:

  • Fixed-fee billing
  • Hourly billing
  • Short-term and long-term secondments
  • Retainers.

We will always discuss your billing options at the outset of a matter and will aim to provide you with an accurate estimate of the total costs involved – our bills don’t contain any nasty surprises.