Melbourne & Geelong innovation and technology lawyers

The ability to comprehend a client’s technology is vital in being able to provide timely and relevant legal advice. As one of the most experienced innovation and technology law firms in Geelong and Melbourne, Lancaster Legal advises clients with respect to a broad range of established and emerging technologies.

The rapid advancement of technologies opens up a wide world of opportunities for businesses, but can also increase the risk of data security and privacy issues. It’s vital for businesses to engage professional innovation and technology lawyers to review commercialisation strategies and ensure adequate agreements and protection provisions are in place.

Innovation & technology law firm

Lancaster Legal’s innovation and technology lawyers can advise you on all matters relating to the commercialisation of new technologies including:

  • Sale of technology and licence agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Material transfer agreements
  • IP identification and capture strategies
  • Registration requirements in relation to therapeutic goods.

We are an innovation and technology law firm with a difference. At Lancaster Legal, we understand the huge role technology plays in running a successful business, and our team has extensive experience combining innovation and technology law with patent, trademark, copyright, data protection and privacy law.

As well as drafting agreements, our innovation and technology law firm can also provide data protection lawyers, copyright lawyers and IP protection lawyers to deliver comprehensive innovation and technology legal advice.